10 useful tips for Alexa Echo Show

These 10 tips will improve your Alexa Echo Show Experience


1. It may additionally not be apparent (if you didn’t read the inserts that got here with your Show), but the Show has an on-screen menu.
Swipe down from the top of the screen to access it.

2. Put the Show on a lazy Susan / turntable.
The show doesn’t rotate, which can be worrying if you regularly prefer to change the route it’s facing. An 8″ turntable like this one is an cheaper answer to the problem.

3. Display a slide show to make the Echo like a digital photo frame.
Create an album on Prime Photos, then ask, “Alexa, show my [album name] album” for a slideshow. Adjust slideshow velocity below Settings > Display.

4. Use an album or person picture as the Home display background.
Go to Settings > Home Screen > Background to specify the Prime Photos photograph or album you choose to use. You can also choose an picture from inside the Alexa app on your cellular device (meaning that you’ll be choosing an image that’s saved on that device, or its memory card). The Background display explains how to do this.

5. Watch movie trailers instantly.
And I imply instantly! I’ll often be looking movies or videos on cable and wondering if they’re any good, and up until now in order to view a trailer I wanted to furnace up a device and go to YouTube or IMDB. Not anymore. Just say the wake phrase followed by, “Show me the trailer for the movie {movie name},” and if a trailer is accessible it will begin immediately. I advocate trying, “Show me the trailer for the movie Thor: Ragnarok.”

6. If you’re concerned about privacy, cover the web cam lens with some thing that won’t depart a sticky residue.
The mission with protecting up the lens is that it’s positioned very close to the microphone array, and you certainly don’t favor to cover up any microphones. You additionally don’t desire to put something sticky directly on the lens for the reason that its adhesive residue may also no longer smooth off later, if you figure out to use the camera at any point. Here’s how I’m doing it.

Cut out an approximately 3/4″ x 1/2″ rectangle from a Post-It word or index card and put a small piece of clear adhesive tape on it (the width of the tape ought to match the width of your rectangle), overhanging one facet through about 3/4″. Fold the pinnacle of the overhanging area down, sticky facet to sticky side, to create a non-sticky tab you can use to do away with the cowl later if you want to. About 1/4″ of sticky tape be exposed between the fold over tab and the rectangle of paper or index card. Stick the sticky area onto the Show’s frame without delay above the lens. The fold over tab must be sticking up at the top and the rectangle should be masking the lens.

7. Yes, you can dim the display at will.
There’s been a lot of talk about the vibrant screen being a motive now not to put this on a bedroom nightstand, however it doesn’t have to be a problem.

First, the screen mechanically dims itself and reverts to the clock-only display after a duration of touchscreen pastime (unless you’re watching a video), and the dimmed screen is fairly dim in my opinion.

Second, the screen automatically dims when your Do Not Disturb settings kick in. So for the reason that I have Do Not Disturb became on for my household starting at 10:30pm and strolling till 5:30am, between those hours the display screen mechanically goes to, and stays in, its dimmed setting. I can change it returned to everyday brightness via waking the Show, either by touching the display or speakme to Alexa. Note that there’s a Do Not Disturb toggle icon on the Show’s menu, and you can flip it on and off with voice commands too.

Third, you can pressure the screen to dim at any time by using announcing the wake phrase accompanied by using the command, “Turn the screen off,” or just, “Screen off.”

Finally, there’s a guide dimmer change on the Show’s foremost menu. Swipe down from the pinnacle of the display to get entry to it.

I have the Show in my bed room and have it turned to face my mattress at night so I can see the clock, and I don’t find the dimmed display screen distracting, or even noticeable.

8. You can get back to the Home screen in one step when you’re down the Show rabbit hole.
Sometimes you can locate yourself a few screens deep whilst using the Show. For example, you can be listening to music, then ask Alexa for a weather report, then swipe the display to view the full forecast.

Not to worry. Just say the wake word followed by, “Home,” to return to the domestic display at any time. To get lower back to the ‘now playing’ records you had been viewing after the track started out but earlier than the climate forecast loaded, say the wake word accompanied by, “What track is this?”

9. Movie listings and weather reports are MUCH elevated on the Show.
The typical queries of, “Is {movie title} taking part in nearby?”, “What time is [movie title] playing?” and “What movies are playing nearby?” work, but when Alexa solutions she also populates the Show’s screen with menu choices that allow you to drill down for extra information. This is a lot much less clunky than the usage of the voice commands for these features.

For example, when I asked, “Alexa, what time is Baby Driver taking part in nearby?” the Show’s display screen displayed the movie poster and title along with a list of nearby theaters where the movie is playing, and the first few showtimes for each theater were additionally shown. Touching one of the theater rows drilled me down to a complete listing of showtimes for that theater.

Weather reviews advantage from the introduced visuals, too. A climate document request loads a swipe-able forecast display screen that permits you to seem to be in advance to the coming 10 days by swiping left.

10. Yes, you can watch complete movies on the Show, you get the usual touchscreen playback controls plus voice playback controls, and the display is now not bad.
The Show doesn’t offer a high-res show that can compete with a first-rate pill or TV screen, however if you’re already ok with looking at movies on a fairly small pill screen this experience is comparable. Touch the screen at any time to bring up touchscreen playback controls, or use voice commands to exchange quantity level, restart the movie, pause, stop, or omit forward or back.

The voice playback controls in precise are very convenient when you’re multitasking and don’t have a hand free for the touchscreen, or to pick out up a remote control like you’d have to do with a TV.


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